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Our new treatment is here!
Ready, set … Glow-Getters!

A new treatment? 

Yes!! You heard that right. Our new treatment, The Combination Treatment is achieved by combining Skin Laundry’s Signature ND-YAG laser with the original Hydra Facial. The ND-YAG laser cleans to the deepest layer of your skin whilst stimulating cell turnover in the dermal layer. The ND-YAG laser also stimulates collagen (hence the most important protein in our skin) and cell metabolism. 


What are the benefits of The Combination Treatment? Real results, Let’s go!

First up, our SIGNATURE Laser - THE STAR OF THE SHOW: 

This machine works on the below:

    • Stimulating Collagen and Elastin on the deepest level 

    • Reducing Pore size

    • Targeting unwanted pigmentation in the dermal layer aka Melasma   

    • Reduces Overall Redness

    • Giving you the ultimate GLOW✨

Secondly the HYDRAFACIAL - THE CHERRY ON TOP as we like to call it after our signature laser.

What is included?

    • Lymphatic Drainage - Detoxing the skin and removing unwanted puffiness and fluid. 

    • Cleanse and Peel - Gently exfoliating and resurfacing uncovering a new healthy layer of the skin. 

    • Extract and Hydrate - Removing black heads, excess oil with a painless suction, then nourishing the skin with intense moisture. 

    • Replenish & Protect - Saturate the skin cells with antioxidants and peptides to maximise the glow.

    • LED Mask – You choose what color you want, red for calming and plumping or blue for healing and antibacterial properties or both for best results.              

Does it work on all skin types? 

YES! It really does…

Raise your hand if you have…

    • Oily acne prone skin

    • Dry, dehydrated skin 

    • Sensitive 

    • Combination

    • All round, unhappy dull skin

Can you be a little more specific on the steps and what to expect?  


  1. We start by cleansing the skin with our magical and non-irritating cleansers

  2. We then start with our Signature laser facial which is both corrective and preventative. It uses the safest energy - based technology, the laser is penetrating deep down to the derma layers of the skin & we promise this doesn’t hurt! 

  3. The Signature then draws everything to the surface of the skin allowing The Hydra Facial to then use a very painless suction to remove, i.e. black heads, access oils, dirt and debris.

  4. Lymphatic drainage is then used to improve circulation and detoxify 

  5. Then let the Hydrafacial give you the glow-getter skin by exfoliating, extracting, and nourishing the upper layers of your skin.

  6. The LED light is then used to reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and anti-aging 

  7. Finally, we hydrate and protect the skin before we let you go into the world glowing! 

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the treatment take?
    It takes 1 hour 

  • How frequent can I have the treatment?
    Every 7 days

  • Can I do the treatment if I’m on acne medication?
    Unfortunately, not, if you’re taking Roaccutane, Doxycycline, Tetracycline, or any photosensitive medications/antibiotics you will need to wait 6 months. 

  • Can I do the treatment if I’ve been exposed directly to the sun or have a sunburn?
    You will have to wait at least 5 days before or after performing the treatment.

  • Can I do the treatment if I have recently done botox?
    You have to wait 5 days before doing The Combination. 

  • Can I do the treatment if I just had Filler/Pholfillah?
    You will have to wait 10 days before or after treatment before you can come see us!

  • I’m pregnant, can I still do the treatment?
    We can perform the treatment after the first trimester with a doctor's written consent.

  • How about peels?
    If you had a chemical peel you will need to wait 30 days 

  • What about laser hair removal?
    You will wait 2 weeks 

What should I consider after my treatment?

  • Excessive sweating/exercise for the next 12 hours

  • No Direct sunlight on the area for the next 5 days 

  • No topical Retinoids, AHA/BHAs peels & exfoliants for the next 5 days 

  • Try to avoid makeup for the next 12 hours (sorry makeup lovers)

The Takeaway..
After The Combination treatment, the texture and tone of your skin will continue to look smooth, hydrated, fresh and glowing!
Don’t take our word for in today!

The best part?
You can use your First Time Free signature treatment as part of The Combination Treatment so only have to pay for the Hydrafacial at 800 AED. 
Members can also use the signature treatment from their package and add on the Hydra-facial for a discounted price.

It’s a win-win situation!!!
You really have NO EXCUSE - Let’s Get Glowing!!!


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