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With age, comes wisdom…and fine lines and wrinkles…eek! We can’t prevent nature, time, or gravity but we can change and welcome the way we look at skin care as we age.

For many of you in your 50s and above, you will notice that this phase of your life has undergone and is undergoing transitional changes. It’s important to understand the effects age and menopause can have on your skin.

As you age, estrogen sharply declines and progesterone levels fluctuate, which makes your skin far more delicate than usual and prone to wrinkles, age spots, dryness and even bruising. Your skin compensates for severe hormonal changes and it’s important to understand the physiological and psychological changes you’ll be experiencing, whilst embracing them.



The average age most women reach menopause is 51, around this time the hormonal changes can have a dramatic impact on our skin such as:

  • Dehydration
    • The lack of estrogen levels results in water loss and dryness in the skin
  • Itchiness
    • Commonly associated with menopause, itchy skin that is known as pruritus, can appear as dry patches and rashes
  • Hyperpigmentation
    • As estrogen and progesterone decline, age spots can appear. If you have previously loved basking in the sun, it will show! 
  • Flushed skin
    • Typically, on your chin, jaw & cheeks, facial hair growth can occur due to the drop in Estrogen and the increase in Androgens
  • Fine lines/ wrinkles
    • As collagen development and cell turnover slow down, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent
  • Delicate skin (thinning and sagging)
    • As you reach your 50’s your cells turn over every 2-3 months compared to every 3 weeks in your 20’s! This causes the skin to become thinner, more delicate, and easily prone to bruising



It’s important to cultivate a skincare routine in your 50s to help treat menopause and aging-related skin concerns. 


Phases of menopause means that your skin will compensate for hormonal changes and it’s good to prepare and educate yourself on the best ways to manage.

The following routine focuses on moisturizing, brightening, firming, and protecting your aging skin.

  • Cleansing
        • As you age the skin becomes more delicate and you’ll need to use ingredients that will nourish your skin. Our gentle foaming face wash effectively washes away dirt, excess oils, and impurities without over-drying or irritating and leaves skin calm and soft



    1. Toning
          • Toning helps to bring your skin back into balance. Our Balancing Antioxidant Toner sooths, calms, detoxifies and protects your skin from free radical damage


      1. Serums

            • Serums contain a high concentration of actives. In your 50’s you will be marred by dryness, this is when you reach for our Hyaluronic Acid Serum which helps to replenish elasticity, plumpness, and hydration. Formulated with Niacinamide, a powerhouse ingredient that softens fine lines, reduces oil production, and hydrates the skin's natural barrier. This serum delivers a long-lasting reservoir of moisture and radiance.




        1. Moisturize
              • To replenish your skin’s lipid barrier and combat dry skin, it’s essential to find a well formulated moisturizer. Our B5 Antioxidant moisturizer is super lightweight and helps provide long lasting hydration and healthy-looking skin. Skin will feel instantly quenched and radiant with powerhouse ingredients: hyaluronic acid, camellia japonica flower extract and sunflower seed oil, for a soft matte finish.





          1. Sunscreen
              • Protect your increasingly delicate skin from UV rays and prevent sunspots by using a sunscreen every day. This mineral defense SPF delivers broad spectrum protection against damaging UV rays. It helps guard skin against sun damage, early signs of aging, and the breakdown of collagen to help maintain a healthy skin barrier.




          2. Sheet Masks
                • Perfect for relaxing and incorporating more active ingredients into your skincare routine. Refresh your skin with our concentrated multitasking Wrinkle Release mask that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles leaving skin looking younger, brighter, and tighter with over 19 skin conditioning extracts for ultra-power.




              Having a well-curated skincare routine is great but it’s not just about that. Transitioning into your 50s requires more self-care and mindfulness to holistically care for yourself. A few ways to age gracefully:

              • Lymphatic Drainage Massages

                • This includes face and neck massages which helps to increase blood flow and gradually lift loose skin

              • Healthy Lifestyle

                • A well-balanced diet of rich foods full of vitamins, proteins, and good fat, as well as plenty of exercise, yoga and meditation helps with stress which can lead to an increase in breakouts.

              • Quit Bad Habits

                • Habits such as smoking can be detrimental for your health and are responsible for the degradation of collagen production. 

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