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Hormones…we all have them! As we age, our bodies continue to change- some of these are welcomed, some not!

There are many hormonal triggers that can cause a change to your skin, the majority being PMS, Menopause, and declining levels of Estrogen.



Understanding how hormones affect your skin 

As our skin changes it can be frustrating and difficult to understand why- having bad skin can impact you, regardless of your age. To best understand hormonal changes, it is important to realize that statistics across the world estimate that after the age of 25, your chances of suffering from the below are completely normal:

  • Hormonal Acne
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Cysts 

Excess oil production can clog your pores and your hormones are affected based on how much oil your skin produces. The driving factors for hormonal changes range from:

  • Menstruation
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Menopause
  • Increased Androgen levels

Teenagers will also suffer from hormonal acne which tends to occur in the t-zone area but can also spread to the jawline and chin.



The science & biology behind hormones 

Sebaceous glands- your skin is covered in these, and they secrete sebum which is what keeps your skin healthy. These glands have super sensitive receptors which act and respond to your hormones, including oestrogen and testosterone. The more androgens in your blood, the more they bind to your sebaceous glands which in turn produces more oil in your skin.

We have all at some point in our lives experienced this especially during puberty- male and female. For females, they experience this more due to their monthly menstrual cycle. It is very common to notice and experience breakouts the week before your monthly cycle begins as your oestrogen levels are dropping. 

The hormone estrogen is responsible for promoting water retention in the skin, as well as hair growth and thickness. As estrogen drops, as does the molecules and collagen in your skin, which leaves your skin with less moisture and loss of elastin in your skin.


There are other elements that can affect your skin such as:

  • Genetics

Acne is found to be hereditary, if you have a family history of skin issues, you are more than likely to inherit these.

  • Diet

High Glycemic foods such as bread, cakes, pizza, cookies etc can affect your hormones as they contain high glycemic index. 

    • Stress/ Mental Health

    When you face stress, your body produces cortisol which leads to inflammation and can cause your skin to flare up and in worst case scenarios conditions such as psoriasis can occur.

      • Routine

      Not getting the adequate number of hours sleep can make your body produce more cortisol- leading to inflammation




        Menopause occurs eventually in all women; it marks the time of the end of your menstrual cycles and is a natural biological process. It can happen prematurely in your 40s but usually the average age of menopause is 50 and above.

        Symptoms of menopause include:

        • Hot flushes
        • Night sweats
        • Insomnia
        • Weight Gain
        • Mood changes
        • Dry Skin
        • Thinning Hair
        • Irregular Periods



        When transitioning into menopause, hormone levels can drop, and your skin will also undergo changes.

        The dermis which is the thickest layer of your skin is sensitive to hormonal shifts and you will start to experience the following:

        • Dry/ Itchy Skin
        • Acne
        • Sagging Skin


        Although menopausal skin cannot be avoided, there are steps that you can take and incorporate into your daily routine to look/ feel your best and promote good skin:

        • Diet

        Have a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables and contains omega-3 to help reduce inflammation and help keep your skin clear

          • Supplements

          Take zinc, evening primrose oil and omega-3 vitamins to help reduce any acne that may occur

            • Exercise

            The best form of regulating your hormones and reducing stress is exercise. Try to aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week

              • AHA’s

              AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) help to remove dead skin cells and stop your pores from clogging. Using products containing AHA’s, more moisturizing products that are thicker and richer can help. Hyaluronic acid helps to pull in water from the environment to help skin look and feel plump. Vitamin A derivatives such as retinoids deserve your attention. They promote cellular turnover and increase the skin's thickness.

                • Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

                Switch to more moisturizing products such as creamy cleansers (avoid foam & gel as these can be drying). Use thicker moisturizers, balms are rich for your skin and night creams are essential

                  • Don’t forget your SPF!

                  Sun protection is a must and is your best friend. Using sun protection can ward off signs of aging and prevent skin cancer. Use sunscreen that is SPF30 and use whether you are inside or outside and re-apply every 2 hours. 


                    Facials to Suit you

                    Skin Laundry offers a variety of facials to help you target hormonal and menopausal skin. Our clients favorites are the Signature Laser, Fractional Laser & Hydrafacial:


                    SIGNATURE LASER FACIAL 

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                    ND:YAG laser: Safe for all skin types, no downtime, immediate results

                    + Deep cleansing, removes oil, dirt & bacteria 
                    + Improves pigmentation
                    + Boosts collagen


                    FRACTIONAL LASER FACIAL

                    AED 1,200  15 mins, 1 laser credit

                    LASEMD fractional laser: Advanced skin-resurfacing, 12 hour downtime 

                    + Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
                    + Improves skin texture
                    + Minimizes hyperpigmentation 


                    AED 800 
                    45 mins
                    Buy a Package of 3 at AED 1,900

                    HYDRAFACIAL MD: Instant radiance with no downtime 

                    + Extracts, Purifies & Improves skin tone
                    + Lymphatic drainage, LED Blue & Red Light
                    + Nourishes the skin with antioxidants and peptides 


                    How to book

                    Before booking an appointment, please check our list of contraindications to ensure you qualify for a laser facial.


                    Simply Whatsapp us on +971 52 3546785 or DM us on Instagram @skinlaundrymena


                    Skin Laundry is here to help! 


                    Schedule a consultation and signature facial with us where you will meet your dedicated laser technician who will review your skin concerns in details, medical history & skincare goals you are hoping to achieve. By the end of your consultation you will know and understand your skin type better, alongside a personalized treatment plan with our in-house skin product recommendations. 


                    For beginners we recommend our Signature Laser Facial which uses safe energy-based technology to boost collagen production, minimize pores, tighten skin and improve discoloration. This treatment is completely safe on all skin tones and types and will leave your skin glowing and deeply cleansed! 


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