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Also known as Panda Eyes…most of us have some form of under eye dark circles whether it be from lack of sleep, genetics, stress, or diet.


The eyes are the window to our soul and the skin underneath it is a combination of blood vessels, pigment, and the thickness of the skin. 



What causes black circles?

There is not just one reason that dark circles develop, it’s a combination of factors that contribute to the appearance of them:

  • Lifestyle- do you have a well-balanced diet? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you smoke? Are you drinking enough water? Is alcohol consumption high?

  • Genetics- under-eye hollowing and skin tone can cause dark circles to look more noticeable. If there is a family history of prominent under eye dark circles then you are highly likely to inherit them

  • Aging- as our skin ages, as does the tissue around our eyes. A breakdown in collagen can cause fat to shift to the lower eyelids which creates puffiness and dark shadows

  • Allergies- irritation can cause redness and rubbing your eyes can lead to increased pigmentation due to the delicate and sensitive skin in this area

  • Screen Time- constant screen time whether it’s your computer, phone or television can cause us more harm than good. The blue light can cause dry eyes and straining which prompts blood vessels to get bigger resulting in dark shadows under the eyes

    How can you treat them?

    As we desperately search for ways to remove dark circles, the reality is that several changes need to take place. A combination of treatments can have a lasting effect, but the pigment cannot be 100% removed.

    • Hydrate- drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy lifestyle

    • Diet- incorporate foods into your diet that are high in antioxidants such as vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, beetroot, tomatoes, and watermelon

    • Sunscreen- to avoid hyperpigmentation, sunscreen is essential. Reduce your exposure to the sun, use our mineral sunscreen and wear sunglasses when out in the sun

    • Lymphatic Drainage- using cryo balls that have been in the fridge or freezer help de-puff eyes and is an invigorating approach to the day

    • Eye Cream- moisturizing and hydrating the under-eye area is very important. Our Renewing Eye Cream is potent mix of antioxidants which can help visibly reduce and brighten the appearance of dark circles. Formulated at 2% Alpha-Arbutin and 2% Niacinamide. This gentle, yet effective formula works together to over time correct, hydrate and brighten the under-eye area

    • Microneedling- we offer an under eye brightening treatment which stimulates collagen production and allows stem cell serums to penetrate deeper into the skin.

      What treatment can I have to target the under eyes? 

      Skin Laundry offers Microneedling to help you target under eye:

      Eye Brightener AED 800
      Brighter & lifted eyes! Corrects dark circles & signs of aging around the eyes. 
      Buy a Package of 3 at AED 1,900




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