American Board of Aesthetic Medicine X Skin Laundry MENA

American Board of Aesthetic Medicine X Skin Laundry MENA


Skin Laundry MENA is the only American Board of Aesthetic Medicine certified cosmetic clinic and training center in the MENA region. Our affiliation with the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine – ABAM will bring the best cosmetic care and aesthetic medicine training to Dubai, UAE and the Gulf Countries.


ABAM Middle East / UAE Training Center – Skin Laundry Clinic mission
The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine training center located at Skin Laundry Clinic aims to provide comprehensive education, training and support for physicians interested in aesthetic medicine, not only in Dubai, UAE but also in the surrounding countries including Abu Dhabi, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – KSA, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran - Persia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, India, and Pakistan

"The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine is recognized internationally and in the Middle East for providing the highest quality training in the field of aesthetic medicine. Some of the most well known aesthetic physicians in the Gulf Countries have been trained by ABAM. We are dedicated to advancing the practice of aesthetic medicine." - ABAM 


What are ABAM'S programs and courses?
  • ABAM’s program and courses are dedicated and designed exclusively for physicians, and are taught only by experienced American or American trained physician instructors.  Many other organizations claim to be American, but are using instructors from other countries, that have no formal training from the USA.
  • Board Certification by ABAM is a milestone for physicians in the field of aesthetic medicine. Patients are assured that physicians certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine met the high standard in this field.
  • ABAM certified physicians demonstrated that they acquired the proper training, clinical skills, and knowledge essential for the safe and excellent practice of aesthetic medicine. 
  • A Board Certificate will be granted upon the successful completion of the board program and passing of the board examination. ABAM Board Certified physicians and dentists may begin using the title of Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine to reflect their high achievement in the field of aesthetic medicine.
ABAM Board Certification Program
The ABAM certification program for physicians and dentists is one year long in duration.
  • Our program is standardized and is the same in all training locations worldwide.  ABAM's training emphasizes the safety and well being of the patient. Anatomy, patient selection, minimization of complications, and treatment of complications are thoroughly covered. Board Certifications are issued by The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine to physicians and dentists with passing scores on the written board examination.
  • Completion of Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 aesthetic medicine training from ABAM is a requirement regardless of previous experience. Step 1 and Step 2 can be taken consecutively.
  • Delegates will take Step 1 and Step 2 after which there is a required 6 months practicing period before Step 3 can be taken. An additional practicing period of 6 months is mandatory after completing all 3 Steps. During the final practicing period delegates will have to collect and submit 1 advanced technique case from each procedure of dermal filler injection, neuromodulator / botulinum toxin injection, and laser or chemical resurfacing (mid depth resurfacing) before they can sit for the Board Examination.
Step 1: Aesthetic Medicine Training
Participants will gain enough knowledge and basic techniques to complement their current practices with aesthetic medical procedures or to start a medical spa or an aesthetic practice. Step 1 training will entail basic knowledge in skin and hair anatomy, basic botulinum toxin techniques:
  • Botox / Dysport / Xeomin / Jeveau
  • Basic dermal filler techniques (Juvederm / Restylane / Voluma / Radiesse / Bellafil / Belotero)
  • Basic laser and light therapy techniques (resurfacing / hair removal / tattoo removal / IPL), laser and light devices safety
  • Chemical peeling
  • The business of aesthetic medicine, and office set up for aesthetic medical procedures.
  • Hands-on training and demonstration are performed in an actual clinical environment such as a cosmetic center or a medical spa.  Our graduates from the Step 1 aesthetic medical training will have the necessary knowledge and confidence to start practicing in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine. A Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine will be issued upon completion of Step 1 course.

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Step 2: Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Training
Graduates of The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM)’s Step 1 program or those who already have the basic skills in aesthetic medicine can participate in our Step 2 training. Participants will increase their knowledge in aesthetic medicine and acquire the newest and most up to date aesthetic techniques. Facial contouring using botox, dermal filler, and advanced aesthetic laser procedures will enable participants to take their skills in aesthetic medicine to the next level.
    • Step 2 training will cover procedures such as botox eyelift, scar reduction with botox, botox treatment for gummy smile, DAO injection, and botox masseter injection for facial shaping.
    • Dermal filler training will include aesthetic medical procedures for facial contouring such as dermal filler tear trough and periorbital injection, midface / cheek augmentation, and nonsurgical nasal augmentation. Facial analysis for aesthetic procedures is an essential part of the training.
    • Advanced laser training will consist of combination therapy for skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments.
    • Microneedling / collagen induction therapy (CIT), essential aesthetic dermatology, and cosmeceutical will also be covered.
    An Advanced Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine will be issued upon completion of Step 2 course.
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    Step 3: Anti-Aging Medicine
    A 6 months practicing period is required after completing Step 2 before Step 3 can be taken. Step 3 is the final training program for participants in the process of obtaining Board Certification from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.
    It is also designed for those who would like to add Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Medicine (stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma / PRP) to their current practices.
    • Participants will learn additional advanced dermal filler injection techniques for facial contouring and shaping. Procedures to be covered will include temple augmentation, jawlines shaping, chin augmentation, and hands injection.
    • Treatment of varicose veins using sclerotherapy, nonsurgical skin tightening techniques (radiofrequency/RF, ultrasound/US), nonsurgical body contouring / fat removal procedures (cryolipolysis, ultrasound cavitation, RF, Kybella), and usage of poly-L-Lactic Acid (Sculptra) will be taught
    • Knowledge in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and regenerative medicine is essential for today’s aesthetic and cosmetic physicians. More and more patients are either seeking anti-aging treatment or are already receiving anti-aging therapies. Basic concept in stem cell therapy, PRP, and BHRT for the management of aging and injury will be covered.
    • Evaluation of the aging patient, the female hormonal system, stem cell functions, stem cell harvesting, nutrition, and fitness is part of the Step 3 aesthetic training course. A Certificate in Anti-Aging Medicine will be issued upon completion of Step 3 curriculum.
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    Final: Board Examination
    After completion of all required training (Step 1-3), candidates must submit 3 advanced procedure cases in order to sit for the Board Examination.
    Candidates will be awarded the prestigious Board Certificate from ABAM, and can now use the title of Board Certified or Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. The written examination is multiple-choice, and is 4 hours in duration.
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    To learn more about the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine board certification program and aesthetic training courses please contact us as below:
    Phone:  +971 58 195 6880
    USA Office: +1 619 543 9812
    Dubai coordinator: Dr. Rania via Whatsapp +971 58 195 6880


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