Signature Laser facial

15 mins, 1 laser credit
First time FREE* for all new clients.

ND:YAG laser: Safe for all skin types, no downtime, immediate results

+ Deep cleansing, removes oil, dirt & bacteria
+ Improves pigmentation
+ Boosts collagen


Fractional Laser facial

15 mins, 1 laser credit

LASEMD fractional laser: Advanced skin-resurfacing, 12 hour downtime

+ Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
+ Improves skin texture
+ Minimizes hyperpigmentation


Elite Laser Facial

30 mins, 2 laser credits

ND:YAG laser & LASEMD fractional laser: our strongest & effective treatment, 12 hour downtime

+ Resurfaces texture & improves skin tone
+ Removes excess oil, dirt & debris
+ Targets all forms of pigmentation


SC Infusion Treatment

20 mins
Buy a package of 3 at AED 3,600

AnteAGE MD: Includes full face, 72 hour downtime

+ Repairs & regenerates damaged skin cells/ tissues
+ Diminishes appearance of blemishes & fine lines
+ Infused with growth factors


45 mins
Buy a Package of 3 at AED 1,900

HYDRAFACIAL MD: Instant radiance with no downtime

+ Extracts, Purifies & Improves skin tone
+ Lymphatic drainage, LED Blue & Red Light
+ Nourishes the skin with anti-oxidants and peptides

Laser Add-ons

Hands AED 150
Corrects and prevents your hands from aging by blending skin
discoloration, smoothing fine lines & wrinkles and stimulating collagen production.

Neck & Chest AED 480
Why neglect the décolleté? Often the skin of our neck and chest are most telling of our age.
Skin Laundry's laser deeply cleans, targets pigment to reduce sunspots
and stimulates collagen for gradual tightening.

Carbon Glow AED 250
Deep pore cleanse & surface peel to reveal even brighter skin with
charcoal lotion applied prior to the Signature Laser facial.

SC Add-ons

Eye Brightener AED 800
Brighter & lifted eyes! Corrects dark circles & signs of aging around the eyes.
Buy a Package of 3 at AED 1,900

Chest AED 1,200
Reduces signs of sun damage, redness, skin blemishes and signs of aging.

Neck AED 1,200
Treats wrinkles, sun damage & uneven pigmentation for a tighter, rejuvenated neck.

Hands AED 1,200
A powerful anti-aging treatment that leaves your hands looking younger & tighter.


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An incredible skin care brand from California

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It was like someone had taken an airbrush to my face

The Coveteur

In 15 minutes you get a serious deep clean and crazy-good results. Oh, and there’s no downtime


For the perfect gateway to laser treatment, look no further than Skin Laundry

Harper's Bazaar

Immediately after skin feels tighter, brighter, and smoother. Over time skin tone and texture is evened out, and collagen and elastin production is boosted

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